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I’m a journalist based in Houston who focuses on lesser-told stories from the Third Coast. My writing has appeared in Eater, Rolling Stone, Bustle, Curbed, CRAFTzine, Modern Luxury, Localeur, and Houstonia Magazine. My pronouns are she/her.

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Is a serial killer stalking Austin? Theories spread after latest death

Following a series of deaths in Austin over the past year, speculation has been growing on social media that a serial killer may be operating around Texas' capitol. The latest death, that of a 33-year-old man named Jonathan Honey, occurred sometime after 2 a.m. last Friday, March 31. Honey's body was recovered from Lady Bird Lake the next day, making him the second person to be found in the lake over the past six weeks, and at least the seventh body to be pulled from the lake in the past 10 mont

How Houston's historic Eldorado Ballroom was restored

In a town that's known for tearing down aging buildings as opposed to preserving them, the renovation of the Eldorado Ballroom feels like a miracle. The Third Ward nightclub, which hosted blues and jazz musicians for more than three decades during a time when Jim Crow laws kept Black performers and audiences segregated from white crowds, isn't just culturally significant. It's also architecturally unique—one of few Art Moderne buildings remaining in Houston.

After a $9.7 million project that in

Why did Houston just start enforcing 11-year-old homeless ordinance?

A local advocacy group that provides free meals and other resources to Houston's unhoused population claims to be "under attack" by the city of Houston, in what some members speculate is an attempt to clean up the city before the NCAA men's basketball tournament arriving at the end of this month.

Houston Food Not Bombs (HFNB), a loose collective of independent volunteers that share free vegan and vegetarian meals at the Downtown library, has recently been subject to a crackdown thanks to the Ho

How a '90s watch group kept Houston safe from gay bashers

The co-founder of an early '90s Houston gay rights organization has some advice for queer Houstonians and allies who want to fight against harassment and attacks like the one that happened last year in Colorado Springs.

Document everything, says Glenn Holt, one of the co-founders of Q-Patrol, a group that worked with Montrose bars and Houston Police throughout the 1990s to prevent gay-bashing incidents. "If there's anything going on anywhere, anytime, record video," says Holt, now 64. "Because