This weekend, 'Cambodian Rock Band' will rock Houston

In the 1960s and 1970s, a new kind of music emerged in Cambodia—a psychedelic garage sound that combined the country's traditional music with elements borrowed from rock and pop records imported from the West. But just as the genre was really taking off, it was cut short, as artists like Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Sereysothea were killed by the Khmer Rouge during the genocide of the late '70s. Just like that, a vibrant new chapter in rock history was brought to an abrupt end. Yet Cambodian rock has

Go under the sea with a new exhibit by this Houston artist

The term "midnight zone" refers to the layers of ocean so deep—3,000 to 10,000 feet below the surface—that sunlight can't reach them. This makes life difficult to sustain, but many species have developed unique traits, such as bioluminescence, in order to survive. Those creatures, and the darkness that surrounds them, serve as the inspiration for a new exhibit by Houston's own Adela Andea opening Friday evening at Anya Tish Gallery. "Midnight Zone(s)," which will run through February 25, is a c

Houston artists assess the aftermath of a massive fire

A fire that broke out Tuesday morning at Winter Street Studios has damaged countless works of art and left many Houston artists without workspaces or gallery space. The fire, which began around 6:30 a.m., is being investigated as arson, according to the Houston Fire Department and numerous accounts from artists who work at the building. The fire started on the first floor, in the studio for Bohemian Photography, a commercial photography business owned by Jack Potts. A GoFundMe for Potts states

See this young Houston artist's eye-popping paintings

A new exhibit by Houston-based artist Erika Alonso tells the story of three women’s immigrations to the United States through abstract landscapes meant to evoke feelings of belonging, loss, homesickness, and possibility. The show, called "Land(e)scape," features more than a dozen watercolor and acrylic paintings. Those works are paired with audio clips of the oral histories of three women from Latin America who have come to call Houston home. "Land(e)scape" will be on view Saturday, December 10

Diane Severin Nguyen finds beauty in K-pop and TikTok

In a recent interview with Art21, Diane Severin Nguyen, whose new solo show opens this weekend at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, tells an anecdote about growing up the child of Vietnamese immigrants who sometimes struggled with American culture. "I came home to visit my mom and she was out in the garden, just stabbing fake flowers into the ground amongst real flowers," she said. "For her there was no difference. The fake flowers and the real flowers were filling up the yard and making it

Galveston Artist Embodying "Hope" of Island in Recreation of Lost Artwork

The mother, with her dress drenched with water and clinging to her skin, holds a baby to her chest as another child wraps its arms around her waist, face buried in her lap. With a look of concern mixed with determination on her face, the woman carries these children across a landscape of rubble and broken stones as a disembodied hand reaches up from the ruin. This is the sculpture that Doug McLean became obsessed with. The Galveston-based artist first learned of the sculpture, originally titled

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